Proof That Apple Cider Vinegar For Hemorrhoids Really Works

Proof That Apple Cider Vinegar For Hemorrhoids Really Works.

Let's first see what are hemorrhoids.

A prolapsed hemorrhoid may become severely swollen, obstructing your bowel movements.
Internal hemorrhoids can sometimes bleed quickly and profusely on occasion, causing severe blood loss which in itself can be life-threatening in some cases.
See your doctor immediately if you have severe pain or heavy bleeding from your rectum, especially if you have abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, or a fever.
Hemorrhoids can form in the anus or rectum and the underlying cause is still a matter of debate. One leading theory is that it is due to the deterioration of the supporting tissues of the anal cushions in the anal canal.

When hemorrhoids are untreated, last for a prolonged period of time, or are under more physical pressure, they can become prolapsed and protrude out of the anus or rectum.
There are several risk factors for hemorrhoids, including a high-fat/low-fiber diet, dehydration, lack of physical activity, diarrhea, constipation, overuse of anti-diarrhea medications, and advanced age can all cause hemorrhoids to prolapse.

Pregnancy and obesity are also risk factors for prolapsed hemorrhoids. They can worsen during the postpartum period—in the weeks and months after you have a baby.

For a detailed guid on how to treat hemorrhoids with apple cider viengar go here.
Sometimes, placing something in the anus, such as during sexual activity, or for medical treatment, can cause pressure, resulting in prolapse of hemorrhoid as well.
A hemorrhoid is considered to be prolapsed when there is protrusion beyond the rectum. Prolapsed hemorrhoids can be identified by your physician during a physical examination.
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